Gravity Purifier K2


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A square shape with ancient Chinese patterns from Shang Dynasty (1600~1046 BC). The ceramic colour is a reminder of stone water reservoir of central China. Delivered with a free bamboo stand.

Purifies sediments, heavy metals, chemical agents, residual pesticides, residual chlorine, bacteria with a 99.9% success. Strong ionisation function turning water to healthy Alkaline pH. Testing results and compliance certificates available. Please Download Water Testing Results PDF.
Exclusive Carbon Activated Composite Bamboo filter. Yixing clay ceramic body produces long term Far Infra-Red (FRI) waves able of sanitize the water after purification. 100% ceramic faucet with food-compliant silicon joins
Clean the inside ceramic body once a month with non-poisonous detergent and clear water, air dry. Wash the filter twice a month with purified water and a proper brush. You can also clean the filter in your microwave. We recommend to change filter every 3 or 4 years according to the initial water quality.
3.5 Liters: H 28 cm x W 22.5 cm  |  8 Liters: H 33 cm x W 25 cm  |  12 Liters: H 35 cm x W 28.5 cm  |  15 Liters: H 35 cm x W 30 cm

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