This is Dani Faynot, I am one of the founder of AQUOZEN+.

I have been working in China over 20 years and I spend a lot of time in factory environment, managing third party manufacturing. This experience allows me to see through the "tricks and scams" often met in China. Over the last decade, the "factory of world" has evolved tremendously, and like japan before, China is building on innovation. The "made in China" is becoming a label of quality. Your iPhone, so reliable, is "100% made in China", like so many other high-tech products.

The filter technology used by AQUOZEN and Yin Xu Tao Collection was developed in R&D teams in Jiangsu province. The chinese government, facing so many challenges over stare quality is keen to support any project involved in environment and health issues.With so many young talented engineers in China universities, it is all but logical to see so many innovations with practical applications.

At AQUOZEN+, we did our homework before backing up this technology. We asked for tests, checks and verifications. After consulting several water experts, we decided to invest in this technology. Water purification is a major challenge of our time and  amongst other filtration systems, Gravity purifiers present many strong advantages. They are very reliable, cheaper to produce, 

Based in China, with our office in Shanghai  we have the advantage of checking 100% of our purifiers by ourselves before identifying each unit and packing it ourselves. This is the guaranty of a premium quality for each of the families that entrusts our team. Thanks to use our products.

Dani  - AQUOZEN+


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