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  • 100% Sediments & silt.
  • 100% Pathogenic Bacteria & protozoa.
  • 100% Cyst & Parasites.
  • Residual Pesticides & herbicides.
  • Residual Chemicals, industrial solvent, VOC's.
  • Residual Heavy metals: Cadmium, Aluminium, mercury, lead...
  • Sub micro viruses (By absorption /adsorption).
  • Residual Chlorine, bad taste and foul odours.



    High content of activated bamboo carbon (50% + 10%) provides strong filtration and high absorption and adsorption capabilities. 25% Clay, to stabilise the benefit of enhanced ceramic filtration. Maifan stone is a mineral widely used in Chinese medicine for its positive health effects on digestion and nervous system. Quartz increases filtration performance as well. This filter technology is protected by an original patent. The perfect bounding of these elements is obtained through high compression sintering technology.



    filter structure

    The quality of a ceramic/ composite filter depends on 2 manufacturing key points: high temperature + high compression. This is the function of vacuum compression sintering technology.  

    After sintering process at high temperature + high compression, the structure is very tight compared with classic ceramic filters. While most ceramic filters runs 0.2 - 0.05 microns, our composite filter is positioned at 0.02 microns. 

    The filter also acts as a water softener. During the slow gravity purification process, while interacting with fully charged active carbon, the water produces a large number of negative ions and becomes electrically enhanced (ionized). The result is a highly Alkaline healthy water.



    FIR Ceramic Body

    Second defence against bacteria

    Thanks to its glazing process, the ceramic body releases long-term Far Infra-Red (FIR) waves providing sterilisation and bacteriostasis functions to the purified water. FIR was studied for its positive effects on health and has been know by Chinese medicine for centuries. The function of FIR is to block the proliferation of bacteria and algae, so the purified water will be kept safe and healthy in the ceramic container.

    Gravity purifier have a strong advantage versus reversed osmosis (RO).

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    how does it work?

    The composite filter (Carbone Activated Bamboo + Ceramic + ...) provides benefits of ceramic filtration + carbon absorption. Independent research shows that after two process of high temperature activation of bamboo charcoal, the adsorption capacity is 3-5 times the ordinary activated carbon. The thigh structure of the composite filter allows to filter even the smallest particles, which are not filtered when using a classic ceramic filter.

    MICRO-FILTRATION: NEW patented Technology with higher compression structure. Millions of microscopic hole (0.02 microns) provide a tight labyrinth were particles are captured and blocked under different physical / chemical laws. These water tunnels are so small and so intricate that even the smallest particles at micron level cannot go through. What remains is natural purified water.

    ADSORPTION & ABSORTION: Double activation of bamboo carbon increases the adsorption and absorption capacity by 500%. Additional Quartz and Maifan stone increase even further the purification power. We are able to remove sub-micro Viruses as well as heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium, lead, copper, mercury, aluminium…

    SLOW FLOW RATE: Water purification is so effective because water is not forced into the filter but only uses the force of GRAVITY. Extending the contact period allows a better filtration, more absorption & adsorption, deeper ionisation. It also keeps the water quality by preserving a natural water molecular structure. This is KEY to health as water remains the most vital life support with oxygen.

    Slow Flow Rate + Activated Carbon + Quartz + Maifan stone = High Natural Ionisation. This spring water quality is properly charged with energy and able to increase hydration power. Naturally charged water molecules are ready to give extra electrons that can bound and stabilise free radicals in our body. Free radicals are linked with many health disorders including cancer. IONISATION 


    • WATER COMPLIANCE STANDARD: GB5749-20006 & GB/324-2008

    World Health Organization: Rolling Revision of the WHO Guidelines for drinking water quality, page 7

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