AQUOZEN Elements is born from our MARTIAL ARTS and YOGA roots. The team behind AQUOZEN project is strongly involved in sport and active community lifestyle such as Martial Arts, Yoga, Fitness, Dance, Surfing and Outdoors.

We designed AQUOZEN Element out of our knowledge and daily Experience of Energy which is a strong tradition in both Martial Art and Yoga. Both practice are closely linked with nature, energy and health. Tea and medicinal plants are fully integrated into our daily practice and lifestyle. Our goal is to share this tradition around us; at our Fitness studio, to our students in the Dojo, Yoga place or Dance studio. AQUOZEN is also a Independant business concept, so we create, produce and distribute our Tea Collection directly through our networks of Sport teachers, fitness and Yoga coaches, budo instructors. We want to share the financial benefits with our communities. 

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Dani FAYNOT, Co-founder of AQUOZEN, is a world leading expert in Philippine Martial Arts, Ju-Jitsu and internal Martial Art such as Ba Gua Zhang. His voyage on the Energy Road started in 1969 with years of studies under some of most legendary martial arts legends of all time.

Dani lives in Asia since 1994 and has developed a keen interest and knowledge for Tea, medicinal plants and Energy. Learn more @ Arnis Kali and Energy Wave Dojo   



HannFay, Co-founder of AQUOZEN, is a very active Fitness and Yoga fanatic, involved in many Yoga forms such as Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yinyang and Aerial Yoga. Her sense of taste helps to balance our Tea blends and aromas to bring a more feminine touch. At 44 and mother of 3 surfing-rugby-snowboading boys, Hann surely shows how to keep her vitality and figures on Top.



Niko HOSSELIN is a Tui Na and Shiatsu practitioner and a 4th Dan Black Belt Martial Arts instructeur. Niko has a keen understanding of Energy movements and how to balance the five Elements with the proper lifestyle patterns, including energy practice, massage, breathing technics alongside proper use of medicinal plants and herbal teas. See more about Niko and Vital Energy 




Karry LV is a Tea lover and logistic professional in charge of AQUOZEN production and quality. Born in the Chinese province of Suzhou, she has a strong cultural knowledge of Tea and traditional chinese medicine. She takes care of every single of your orders with exquisite attention to quality.



PharmD Philippe GALAIS brings a strong aded value to the project, being one of Europe's highest Nihon Tai-Jitsu expert and a Top Pharmacist with many years of experience in Pharma labs. Philippe is also a tea lovers with a great deal of knowledge regarding European and Chinese pharmacopeia and medicinal plants. Philippe has a strong connection with Qi concepts, having studied energy under world expert Kenji Tokisu and Yoeikan Aikido Washizu Sensei which helped him developed a physical understanding of Qi and vital energy concepts in relation with life and health.

Philippe explains AQUOZEN Elements active principles @ Phyto-Lab Series



Lionel FROIDURE is a professional Martial Instructor, former Karate international with Team France, 6th Dan Karate Black Belt. Lionel is also a  video producer specialised in martial art cultures documentaries and Instructional DVD's. Through his researches, documentaries and interviews with great masters from various cultures, he has developed a wide knowledge of energy in martial arts and traditional healing in Asia. Lionel is an active contributor to our product line.

Discover Martial Arts around the world & Imagin'Arts Video Collection




A Ni MAL is one of Europe's most exciting  DANCE HALL choreographer. A passionate of Nature, Vitality and Energy in all their forms, A NI MAL is a Brand Ambassador for AQUOZEN Elements. A NI MAL IS WOOD FIRE EARTH METAL and WATER. See the Fire for Yourself




Sensei Phil LE FRANC is an expert in Nihon Tai-jitsu; a specialist of safety and security in corporate environments. Phil is also a personal trainer with a passion for the Ocean, surfing and windsurfing, showing his commitment to healthy and active lifestyle. Phil is an active Ambassador for AQUOZEN in the south of France. Discover FSRpro31 


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