Numerous researches show that Tea has a very positive effect on Adults, but what about Children and Teenagers?      Everyone has heard about the negative effects of caffeine in Tea and how bad it is supposed to be for kids. But...it could be not such a bad idea instead.



A new review on caffeinated drinks in children by independent public health nutritionist and dietitian, Dr Carrie Ruxton has concluded that up to two cups of tea daily may be safely consumed by younger children, while older school aged children can consume up to three cups of tea. 

“The review advises that caffeine intake should be restricted to 2.5mg/kg body weight per day for children 4 years and above to maximise the potential cognitive benefits and minimise risk in relation to behaviour and sleeping patterns. This equates to up to 2 cups of tea for younger children or 2-3 cups of tea for older school age children.” 

Benefits of AQUOZEN Tea for Children

Because kids have more reactive physiology, they react more intensely to active principles. AQUOZEN 5 Elements will target each function according to the kid's need. You will just need to use it with care and less intensity. Teaching your kids to drink herbal tea at an early age will also develop a finer sense of taste and can reduce their consumption of sodas.

Dr Tim Bond from the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) adds: “Tea is an example of a drink providing excellent hydration for children. Tea makes a tiny contribution to caffeine intakes compared with some caffeinated soft drinks but when consumed in moderation is likely to bring benefits associated with mood and cognition without affecting behaviour. When consumed with milk but without sugar, tea also contributes to calcium and flavonoid intakes which has got to be great news for children.”


How much caffein?

  A cup of Green Tea contains around 30 mg of caffein.

  Traditional coffee contains form 80 to 130 mg per cup.

  Generic iced tea contains 27 mg of caffein, Coca Cola (34 mg), Mountain Dew (37 mg), Diet Pepsi (69 mg), Red Bull (80 mg), Monster Energy (160 mg), .


Contents of caffein in AQUOZEN Blends?

Each AQUOZEN Blend is made of 3.5 / 4 g of green tea with additional  6 to 8 medicinal plants, so the blends caffein content are significantly reduced to a reasonable level.

AQUOZEN blends come in T-bags for a reason: It allows a perfect control of the herbal content and avoid heavy parts to remain on the bottom of the tea box and lighter one on the top. Blend preparation assures that each T-bag contains the proper amount of each ingredient. 


How to tune AQUOZEN Blends for Kids?

While teenagers can consume our blends with the same infusion than adults, you can can temper the power of active principles and adapt to the age and sensitivity of each kid:

  Reduce the brewing/ infusion time

  Infuse at lower temperature or infuse with warm water for younger kids


How to make TEA attractive to kids?

AQUOZEN Blends contains no sweetener at all but some of the plants we use bring a sweet taste such as moringa and some berries.

  Sweeten with rock sugar or natural wild honey to boost active principles.

  Integrate the infused Tea to a smoothy or iced Tea wi8th fruits.

  Create delicious Tea sorbets for spring and summer time.



AQUOZEN system provides a perfect body regulation for teenagers who are going thru body change and a period of emotional mutation as well. The 5 ELEMENTS help to  regulate their energy movements and provide support for attention, mood swing, acne and skin problems...

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