Of course, we cannot eradicate the problem in one day. Water corporations are immensely powerful and their economic power is keeping governments quiet. What we can do, at individual level, is to start minimising the use of disposable bottles by purifying our drinking water at home and utilising re-usable healthy bottles at work, for sport and at school for our children. 

At Aquo Zen+, we are committed to promote healthy bottle alternatives. We hooked up with a bottle manufacturer to promote good quality, healthy bottles, BPA free and fully compatible with the best standards of compliance. We use them and we are changing step by step habits of people around us.

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The Ocean cannot take it anymore!

What started as a convenient way to over-sale water has become a global environmental problem. Every second we are adding more disposable plastic water in nature, in our streets, our rivers and in the Oceans. Recycling policies are not effective and the only solution is a ban on disposable plastic bottles.
The globalisation of consumers habits creates exponential consequences to the environment. Big water corporations are offering disposable bottles on the go at every street corners of all the cities in the world. Consumers in rich countries and developing countries are getting used to just pick-up a drink at any convenient store or vending machin in the subway. They make money ... we spend a fortune on disposable bottle water ... and we find a huge part of the wastes in the rivers, the lacks and the Oceans with heavy consequence on the environment.

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