GET BACK to your natural Health with AQUOZEN programs. Our Tea Collection is designed for specific health targets. We combined 5 Functional blends to get the results you need.

At every change of seasons, we need to detox our metabolism, boost vitality, strengthen immune system and start on a clean sheet.      START YOUR DETOX PROGRAM 14 DAYS 

Specially created to support intense physical activity and training with pre-effort and post-effort formulas.   GET READY FOR ACTION 28 DAYS 

The combination of Earth & Metal elements provide powerful active blends to recover, replenish nutrients, stabilise emotions, help to feel good and zen.    START YOUR ZENITUDE PROGRAM 28 DAYS

This program focus on full body detox at night and re-vitalization in the morning. It was crafted to burn fat at very high rate, give you back your body fabulous.      ORDER YOUR DETOX PROGRAM 28 DAYS

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