made in the city that invented ceramic process 3000 Years ago


Long before any other civilisation, China had developed remarkable ceramic process with a sophistication never matched in any other part of the world. They invented porcelain and different glazing techniques along with tools, several types of ovens and a large panel of firing techniques. They also tested and studied different clay ore; mixing qualities to obtain fine and high density ceramics.

AQUOZEN+ purifiers are produced in only one traditional workshop, in the city of Yixing, Jiangsu province of China. Yixing has been a centre for ceramic for over 2000 years. It was already famous during the time of first Chinese emperor Qin Long (Qin Dynasty). Originally, our factory was mostly producing ceramic pots, T-pots and clay items. Recently, a new filter patent was developed with the aim the push further the limits of water purification. The factory is the only manufacturer of filters using this specific technology and production is dedicated to our own production.


AQUOZEN+ has a zero tolerance on working conditions,compliance standards and corporate social responsibility CSR. Our workshop remains a small and friendly environment where working conditions are fully compliant with security standards and legal frame. Unlike most companies who are just buying and shipping from China, AQUOZEN is on spot, in the factory, working hand in hand with our manufacturing partner. The workshop remains a small manufacturing unit where human knowledge and experience of ceramic masters remains the key to premium quality.

The production workshop is equipped with high quality sintering technology ovens allowing high pressure vacuum firing at high temperature with a standard process to guaranty stable performances. Both the filter and the ceramic body are produced in the same workshop.

Keep in mind that for each unit, the final glazing colour will always be slightly different, which makes each of our gravity purifier a unique piece.

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