Step by step, environment awareness is making progress. Yes, but... we are not making progress fast enough to cover the increasing damages.

Over population in restricted areas, globalisation of bacterias and viruses, industrial and agricultural wastes are a planet global threat. Undeveloped world is in deep need of clean water and must find economically sound solutions. They need practical water filtration units that can run independently. Most tap water  cannot be used safely and people are learning to act at individual level, not waiting for governments to solve their problems.

So should the richest nations who have been dreaming for too long not be worry? So many people in US or Europe are relying entirely on their governments to provide safe water and do not realized that water pollution is a global problem. What every pollutions happening in China will have repercussions in another part of the planet few months latter. The radiation from Japan nuclear accident did not simply disappeared. What ever pollution madness happening in Bangladesh will go to the sky, to the rivers to the ocean, to the clouds... into the high planet winds, the great planet ocean currents. USA still a major contributor to earth's global pollutions and is facing direct threats at home.

Europe is sleeping on a feeling of security without realizing that even if EU is making big progress in water safety... it's still a small small world. Mining countries like Australia are at high risk despite glorious outdoors and being surrounded by nature. heavy metals and other potions are making their way slowly, unseen.


Global problem

The water cycle is global and cannot be contained by borders. Rivers, Oceans and Rains connect the continents, winds and Ocean currents are a global force of nature that brings pollution to a global threat level. 

Children and aging populations are the first victims and each individual is charging each body with poisons of all kinds. The future holds no promises for safe drinking water. The only promise is our progressive commitment to advanced technologies combined with enduring craftsmanship to make the world's most effective drinking water systems. Gravity Purifiers are Healthy Eco-Friendly Solution.

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