COMPOSITE sintering technology

Ceramic filters are well known to be one of the most reliable purification system, but their efficiency always depends on the quality of their manufacturing process. AQUOZEN+ is using a NEW composite filter technology that provides the best of Ceramic Filtration and Carbon purification. Because we believe in eco-friendly solutions, we make sure to use mountain forest bamboo and red-clay from a protected area.


 With a tight structure, the filter inner construction provides one of the highest filtration and purification available today. The ceramic body itself is a piece of technology. Due to a slow glazing process, the ceramic body releases long term far-Infra red waves with the power to stabilise water quality and avoid proliferation of bacteria.



  • High content carbon composite.
  • 2 firing proces at high temperature.
  • High vacuum compression during sintering process.
  • Carbon activated filter with very tight structure.
  • High ionisation producing Alkaline water


  • Original Yixin Red Clay.
  • 2 High temperature firing (1200 D Celsius)
  • Far Infra-Red (FIR) smooth glazing process.
  • Seepage & Leakage interior body test.
  • 100% inspection for each unit.


    3000 YEAR AGO

    The production of ceramic in China and more specifically in Jiangsu, Yixin area, can be traced 6000 years ago.  In ancient China, 3000 years ago, villagers from the Jiangnan area used to build their water wells using a traditional process of clay and bamboo-charcoal layers compressed between 2 layers of stones. Inspired by this tradition, our new design technology brings ancient Chinese knowledge of nature with a modern technology twist.


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