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Japanese Tea Masters put such a strong emphasise on water quality that they often choose their living place according to the water quality of the area they choose to live their life.

The water taste has great influence on the quality of Tea in our cup but not all of us can live in a pristine mountain environment and draw water from a pure spring. AQUOZEN propose a line of water purifiers that can turn normal tap water into its original spring quality.

Healthy living starts with drinking clean water charged with positive energy. AQUOZEN+ does not only filter water but we purify and bring water to its natural spring quality. Our filtration results are top in the industry. Our purifiers are also powerful natural ionisers. Producing natural Alkaline water with proper ORP reduces free radicals in our body and increases hydration power. Drinking a lot helps to detoxify as long as we can drink good water quality, ionised and full of energy. Water purifies the body, but when the water we consume is inadequate or impure, every cell in our body suffers. We don't only contain water, we ARE water in a form of a living being.


COMPOSITE FILTER structure with high content of Carbon Activated Bamboo (60%) + Ceramic + Maifan Stone (mineral used Chinese medicine) + Quartz. Each element brings along its benefit. The filter is more compact than usual ceramic filters due to high compression sintering technology at high temperature.

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MICRO-FILTRATION: NEW patented Technology with higher compression structure. Millions of microscopic hole (0.02 microns) provide a tight labyrinth were particles are captured and blocked under different physical / chemical laws. These water tunnels are so small and so intricate that even the smallest particles at micron level cannot go through. What remains is natural purified water.

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ADSORPTION & ABSORTION: Double activation of bamboo carbon increases the adsorption and absorption capacity by 500%. Additional Quartz and Maifan stone increase even further the purification power. We are able to remove sub-micro Viruses as well as heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium, lead, copper, mercury, aluminium…

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SLOW FLOW RATE: Water purification is so effective because water is not forced into the filter but only uses the force of GRAVITY. Extending the contact period allows a better filtration, more absorption & adsorption, deeper ionisation. It also keeps the water quality by preserving a natural water molecular structure. This is KEY to health as water remains the most vital life support with oxygen.

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Slow Flow Rate + Activated Carbon + Quartz + Maifan stone = High Natural Ionisation. This spring water quality is properly charged with energy and able to increase hydration power. Naturally charged water molecules are ready to give extra electrons that can bound and stabilise free radicals in our body. Free radical are linked with many health disorders including cancer. 

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