Hot or cold, AQUOZEN Blends will retain their health benefit. As long as you follow a proper brewing infusion process, you can cool the Tea and create some very exiting drinks.


If you need to avoid sugar, use honey. Rock sugar can trigger the active principles of some plants and it has long been used as a remedy as well; To prevent cough and colds, to improve memory and brain fonctions...


AQUOZEN TEA + HONEY: Honey has been used as a medicinal remedy for thousands of year all around the world. Honey is a fantastic healing agents, Energy booster, help with allergies, memory booster... Works well with ALL Functional Teas


AQUOZEN FLAVOURED TEA: Just adding fresh fruits to your iced tea will bring up a subtil flavour without changing anything to the active principles of the blend. It's a also a nice way to eat more fruits: Healthy! 


AQUOZEN  ICED TEA + FRUITS : Infuse, let it cool in the fridge add some fresh squeezed orange and mint for a great Energy drink. You can add some ice and honey for additional sweetness. BEST with VITALITY and ENERGY blends


AQUOZEN SMOOTHY: With a blender there is no limit to your creativity for a perfect summer drink.


AQUOZEN + VEGGIES: Spring is a great chance to vary your diet with fresh veggies. 

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