Industrial & Agricultural pollution for the rich

Countries from the northern rich hemisphere are facing a deadly challenge. Industrialisation an intensive agriculture have brought richness and power but the ecological scares cannot be erased fast enough. In most cases, despite increasing awareness, pollution level keeps rising faster because of a "snow ball effect". Even wild areas protected from industrialisation and farming can be heavily impacted by mining.

Governments can provide drinkable waterbut  far from clean and healthy water. Water is often cleaned using chemicals such as chlorine with obvious health concerned. Some areas have experienced heavy metals contaminated water flowing in old piping networks. Heavy metal and chemical pollution have been found in the most developed places of the developed world. The fact is that we cannot contain pollution to industrial places. Rivers, clouds, wind and Oceans are all connected and any industrial catastrophe will have impact on the rest of the world... eventually.

Whether water is drawn from a well or processed in a modern treatment plant, it can still contain pollutants from a number of groundwater and distribution sources. These include runoff from agriculture and landfills, underground chemical storage, fertilizers and pesticides used in farming, as well as, pathogenic bacteria and cysts.

Many people are increasingly concerned and aware about water pollution and consequences for our health. More are realising everyday that we must take the situation in our hands. At AQUOZEN, yes we believe we must!


Poor Countries lack drinking water
Climate change is increasingly putting pressure on drinking water for most of tropical and equatorial areas. Developing countries such as China, India or Indonesia are facing over population in very confined areas which creates tremendous needs for drinkable water. Extended periods of drought and floods are becoming more frequent. Even rich countries like Australia are facing water problems. Droughts and floods are increasing the contamination of water supplies, even in rich countries like the USA.

Some countries like India, China, Indonesia or Brazil are facing complicate challenges. They must find solutions for undeveloped rural areas that are lacking potable water and have no water infrastructures. In the same time their dense populated cities are exposed to heavily polluted water pollution from intense industrialisation, poor infrastructures and very low awareness from a large part of the population. This is a dangerous cocktail!

AQUOZEN+ Purifiers are part of the next generation water purifier. Our composite technology make it possible to purify even the most heavily dirty water, removing more than just bacteria. Gravity purifiers are a great choice to provide drinking water solutions. They are affordable, easy to use, do not require electricity and are eco-friendly.


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