Ceramic filtration systems have interesting advantages. Gravity Purifiers bring even more benefits. With AQUOZEN+ gravity purifiers we are going a step further in terms of reliabilitypurification, arlkalinization, good water taste and aesthetics in your house.

  POWERFUL : AQUOZEN+ composite filters have higher filtration results than usual ceramic filters removing 100% bacteria and protozoa, residual pesticides, residual industrial chemical, chlorine, heavy metals... 

  EFFECTIVE WATER SOFTENER: High content of activated carbon (60%) that absorbs more particles and turn water into healthy alkaline pH. It tastes like water!  

 RELIABLE: Nothing else than ceramic and composite material. As long as the filter is not damaged, the filtration system is 100% reliable.

  BEAUTIFUL: We believe that water deserves more than just a "container". A ceramic purifier is also a beautiful water fountain in the living room.

  ECO-FRIENDLY: NO plastic, No metal, No waste. All materials are coming from natural protected environment such as mountain bamboo forest.

  SUSTAINABLE: Made of 100%  sustainable materials such as clay ore, bamboo charcoal, quartz and maifan stones.  

  LOW COST: Gravity purifiers are the best value for money filtration system. NO installation costs, NO parts to change, No electricity to run it. 

  VERIFIED PERFORMANCE: AQUOZEN+ purifiers have some of the best testing results in the industry. We largely exceed international standards such as US FDA and EU requirements for safe water. Testing results are available for download.




WORKMANSHIP & TRADITION: Our ceramic purifiers are made in the city of Yixing, the birthplace of most ceramic technics, over 2000 years ago, Qin Dynasty. Today we use the same red clay to create classic Chinese design object that look good in our living room.

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