only 1% of the world's water is drinkable for humans

The rest is Ocean salted water, Iced water in Artic /Antarctic, altitude glaciers, agriculture used water, industrial affected water, polluted lakes and rivers... Obviously we need to take actions at corporate level but we cannot just wait and hope. It seems more reasonable to start at communities and individual level: action after action and drop by drop.

AQUOZEN+ is a very small economic player but we beleive that we must act on the right path to protect water quality and make it available for more of us. The time of almighty political power and multinational manipulation is thinning. Communities are taking over, unpowered by new technologies and information sharing.

This is what we are already doing:

  • Our products use only Eco-Friendly materials such as forest grown mountain Bamboo, Purified Clay... and that's it.
  • Using bamboo has positive impact on air pollution and environment. Easy to grow without pesticides, creates 35% more oxygen. Its roots retain the soil, enabling to stabilise mountain terrains in the rural areas of Asia.
  • Our gravity purifiers do not need electricity to run.
  • No plastic, no metal parts: Even the faucet is full ceramic.
  • No plastic Bottle to keep your purified water.
  • No wastes to dispose off.


We are taking actions that make sense

  • To bring more purified water to people. At home, in your Yoga or Fitness center.
  • Bring-up an eco-friendly water solution for hotels and eco-friendly resorts.
  • Contribute to education about health and water. 
  • Create more awareness about water conservation.
  • Promote Water Activities.
  • Promote energy, sport, action and health.
  • Share Water Pics & Videos.
We need you

We need more people to spread the word and share water pollution pics and videos, images and information. Join AQUOZEN+ Water Awareness program; Send us your images and videos.

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