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Carbon Filters can eliminate organic chemicals and they produce alkaline water, but have poor performances regarding most other impurities. There are  a wide range of such filters with very different filtration power. Be aware that the simpler system are not able to filter enough particles to be considered a "purifier". They are "ok" if you just want to add some minerals and soften an already good quality water. Don't expect more.



Ceramic filters are a great solution and have been used for hundreds of years. They are cheap to produce and a great solution for developing countries. They get rid of all microbiological elements and sediments. Not all ceramic filters are created equal because their efficacy depends heavily on the manufacturing process, the size of the pores and which kind off coating they received... or not.


Add activated carbon to a Ceramic filter and you can remove organic chemicals.

Silver coating does increase notably the filtration by killing bacterias and some virus.


Reverse osmosis (RO) is a popular filtration system but don't be fooled. Despite its fancy name and the feeling of high technology behind it... it remains a filter with applied pressure. The water is pressed thru a filtration layer and forced to the other side of a membrane. Most reverse osmosis systems require lots of components, heavy installation and electricity to run the system. Filters need to be changed often as well. Last but not the least, the most efficient systems are very expensive to purchase and require high maintenance. Obviously not eco-friendly or sustainable.


Reverse osmosis is a not a natural process and some scientists are questioning their long term effects on health. The pressure applied on water molecule tends to change the water structure from its natural form. With a positive ORP, reversed osmosis water does not eliminate free radicals but increases their number.


Distilled water process seems one of the safest alternative, but not the most healthy. Unfortunately, it also has its drawbacks. Distilled water is tap water that is processed and condensed back into liquid form. Through this process, any pre-existing vitamins or minerals in the water are completely removed. Although some claim that distilled water is healthy, there are some disadvantages of drinking it on a daily basis that we should consider before completely switching to distilled water: No minerals, no vitamins... dead water indeed.


WHICH technology for  AQUOZEN+?

AQUOZEN+ Gravity Purifiers
uses a Composite Carbon Activated Ceramic Filter and a Ceramic Body container able to send long-term Far Infra-Red  waves with bacteriostasis functions to keep the water free from bacteria after the filtration and purification process. Our filter provides an extra purification performance due to the very tight composite structure and high content of activated carbon + maifan stone + quartz minerals.




 Negative effects of pressure

Pumping & forcing water through the filter is obviously a faster technique to get filtered water. BUT, like fast foods... not always the most healthy choice!

Excessive pressure can change the structure of water molecules and increase the oxidation potential, leading to more unhealthy free-radicals. Read the Benefits of Alkaline Water  

Gravity purifiers on the other hand, are simply using the force of gravity, drop by drop. Most gravity purifiers are using ceramic filters, with or without carbon filter and silver coating. They are the most ecological systems as they do not need electricity. Gravity purifiers are slower but they provide more healthy water. Gravity purifiers don't only filter water; they purify and enhance water quality without affecting it's natural structure.



Which water drinker are you?

The choice of a purifier is also a lifestyle decision
Some of us may be more influenced by a scientist ideology that put modern technology on top of everything and may prefer to trust electrical devices made of metal and plastic parts. Others prefers more natural solutions in balance with our environment and circular economy.

At AQUOZEN+, we believe that water must be kept natural and drinking should be as eco-friendly as it can be. It means, using natural and sustainable material, with no plastic, no metal parts and no electricity to run the process. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy drinking water solution with a purifier in harmony with nature. We believe that water vessel design is an active part of the pleasure of drinking tasty water.








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