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 AQUOZEN is a family + friends business that was created in the first place to give access to a healthy water purifying system. The opportunity came out of our growing frustration of unhealthy drinking. We turned it into a fantastic opportunity to be part of the solution and propose a reliable and simple solution for water. We have kids, we are outdoor and sport people, so we drink, we run, we surf and we drink again. Better keep it healthy.

Drink healthy and drink a lot. The more we drink the more we can eliminate and detoxify. Yoga, Fitness, Taiji Quan, trekking in the hills, climbing, skating, dancing and drinking more. This is AQUOZEN+.


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AQUOZEN's mission is to provide clean, healthy water to families and kids at home. Making sure less people get poisoned day after day with heavy metals and residual pesticides in each glass of water we drink. It's about health, safety and quality of life.


It is also the pleasure of drinking a tasty Alkaline water out of a natural ceramic jar. Feeling the elements of nature in harmony. Not just water from a plastic container but drinking from a dinning room fountain. It's about a touch of Zen in the living room, a sense of harmony where nature takes quietly its place.






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