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Natural ionisation from AQUOZEN+ composite filter is very similar to rain water going through volcanic rocks and becoming spring water. This is a fully natural process that determines water quality and water energy.

Natural spring water carries nutrients, minerals, vitamins. On the other side of the spectrum, distilled water has lost all its nutrients. It is clean but dead because it does not bring necessary nutrients to our metabolism. Water has a level of energy that can be measured in millivolts. Healthy water is made of water molecules that have been charged with extra electrons. This added electrical charges brings life and energy to water... and this is not just a poetic image. 



What are free radicals?

Nature likes stability. Atoms that have their full charge of electrons tend to remain stable and do not enter into chemical reactions with other molecules. Atoms that have lost one or more electrons become unstable: They are called free-radicals. These free radicals will seek to steal electrons from other molecules to become stable again, creating more free radical and so on. This process can cause a chain reaction that produces molecular instability.

In our body, the most common are oxygen free radicals. They are responsible for oxidation of molecules around them, creating decaying conditions and have been identified as a major condition for cancer and other major disease. Free radicals are essential to the synthesis of energy and nutrients. They are necessary to our immune system as well. Yes they are part of the life process but when the level of free radical is too high, it becomes a major source of sickness. We need anti-oxidant to stabilise and balance our metabolism.


What is ORP?

Oxidation Reduction Potential refers to the capacity of water to reduce or increase oxidation. Because molecules will always try to reach the state of stability, substances that are lacking electrons are seeking-out electrons, steeling from other substances (oxidising agents). Substance with additional electrons are reducing agent or anti-oxidising agents. ORP is measured in millivolts (mv) with an ORP meter.

2 types of ORP:

  1. Positive ORP increases oxidation and free radicals. It is found in tap water, bottled water, distilled and reverse osmosis waters. Water reading (+300 mv) is 3 times more oxidising than (+100 mv).
  2. Negative ORP from ionised alkaline water presents the antioxidants benefit we are looking for. Water with a reading of (-300 mv) is 3 times more anti-oxidising than (-100 mv).

Alkaline ionised water has a negative ORP value, which means it has the capability to donate electrons to neutralise the effects of free radicals in our body. Natural alkaline water has very strong negative ORP, even stronger than green tea. In nature, spring water becomes ionised through the filtration process and frictions on minerals. In gravity purifiers, the same natural process brings water back to its spring quality.


natural & artificial alkaline water

To be healthy, water needs to be ionised and the alkaline pH is a consequence of that process. There are few ways to obtain alkaline water. The faster way is to use a ioniser machine that uses electrolyte to split apart water molecules. The pH will be alkaline BUT this is not a natural process and water obtained from this technique do not provide the same health benefits. On the long run, side effects have been observed. This is because it has a positive ORP: It's dead water!

AQUOZEN+ natural alkaline water is simply the result of filtration process and the natural exchange of electrons between water molecules, minerals and activated carbon. This natural alkaline water has all the health potential we are seeking. This is why gravity purifiers have such an appeal when it comes to healthy water.


Alkaline water has a better hydration power

Water molecules comes in bundles, not in single molecules and the water bundles size can vary according to the water structure. Smaller water clusters are more easily absorbed into the cells. The more pressure you put on water, the bigger the bundles (water cluster). Tap water is sent through pipe pressure and each cluster is made of 15 to 20 water molecules. Reverse osmosis applies even more pressure to water which increases the clusters.

Gravity purifiers just use the force of gravity to filter water. The ionisation process breaks electrical bonding resulting in much smaller clusters of 4 to 6 molecules. So with the same amount of water intake we get much better hydration result. The tissues can absorb more water, helping to flush out acidic wastes and bringing deeper antioxidant action.


Health & sickness

There have been many researches on the benefit of drinking alkaline water. As always, research is a work in progress. What we know at this point, is that drinking alkaline water has beneficial health effects on several issues. As natural solutions does, it fits within our biology with no second or third back-effects because it does not disturb the system.

Sickness is an abnormal state of our metabolism. Life is made to be healthy... until it's not. Apart from external attacks from bacterias, virus, poisoning... When our body malfunctions, we usually need to find the reasons, the causes. Most of the contributors are found in our lifestyle, environment, habits.

How and what we drink/eat, how we think, what we do and where we live. Do we have a healthy energy oriented daily routine or not? There are 3 major contributors to sickness that we can easily control with alkaline water intake:

  1. Dehydration and/or proper hydration
  2. Increased acidity in the blood stream and other tissues.
  3. Oxidation of cells, free radical damages.


Alkaline Water and Digestion

Each type of body tissue has a different acidity (pH) for a reason and to fulfil its specific function. Many organs have actually an average acidity level which is fine-tuned according to the environment stress. Nature is amazing and we still know so little about it... and us.

The digestive system needs to be acidic, so by intuition, it seems logical to wonder if it's actually a good thing to drink alkaline water? Eating salad and vegetables, which are alkaline, would upset our stomach? On the contrary.

What we need to keep in mind in mind is that our stomach produces hydrochloric acid (HCI), but it also produces sodium bicarbonate. The two chemicals are balancing the stomach acidity to remain at pH 4 according to what we eat and drink. The more alkaline water we drink, the more HCI we produce. So, is it useless to drink alkaline water if the stomach change it to acidic anyway?

Well, this is the beauty of nature. Biology is never a strait forward accumulation of simple facts. It's complex; has been tuned by millions of years of evolution and we just start to scratch the surface. Acid in our stomach is necessary, as long as the acidy remains where it belongs. The extra sodium bicarbonate, is sent through the blood stream to the other digestive organs such as the liver and pancreas. The more alkaline we drink/eat, the more HCI we produce and the more sodium bicarbonate we create.

More alkaline water will balance excessive acidity in the stomach. That's why people with acid reflux problem get immediate improvement drinking alkaline water. The next digestive step is crucial. When food and fluids are travelling to the small intestine it must not be acidic anymore or it it will attack the intestine wall. Once again, drinking sufficient alkaline water and alkaline food will balance properly the bowel. 

Drinking alkaline water increases the necessary acidity in the stomach and in the same time help to produce more sodium bicarbonate. And we get that eating/drinking healthy food. Seems like a good deal.


Health benefit of alkaline water

Ionised alkaline water contains high level of Antioxidants. When our body use oxygen, it also creates free radicals from the process. These free radicals are contributing to many health problems such as cancer, heart disease... Antioxidants are hunting these free radicals and stabilise them by providing missing electron.

  • Preventing oxidative stress (high antioxidant effect).
  • Dramatically improve digestion.
  • Prevent and improve acid reflux.
  • Prevent weight gain.
  • Improve diabetes.
  • Strengthen bones.
  • Reduces glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol.
  • Protects cells from damage.
  • Inhibits tumors.
  • Protect DNA.
  • Detoxify our body.
  • Increases intracellular hydration.

Cancer cells cannot develop in alkaline environment. Of course, drinking/eating alkaline does not make our body alkaline but it reduces and balances the acidity to a more healthier degree. Cancer is a natural unbalance and drinking alkaline water acts in the right direction: A biological environment less prone to cancer cells.

The anti-oxidant effect of ionised alkaline water comes at a very low cost as compared with anti-aging pills on the market. You will get it for free as a consequence of your purifier process. That's a good news. Another cool fact: Increasing sodium bicarbonate has a very spectacular effect on hang overs. Not that it is advisable to get drunk just to test the effect, but the thing happen once in a while for some of you... of us, sorry.


The contents of this website are provided for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. The information provided herein should not be considered as a substitute for the advice of a medical doctor or other healthcare professional.






The alkaline controversy
The health benefit of Alkaline water is a widely discussed and argued subject. Controversies are often the result of a lack of "fine understanding" and the inability to consider a more holistic approach. On one side, people who "beleive"... on the other corner... people who "know", with the usual back-up of "superior" knowledge. We may consider different perspectives instead. Most theories can present arguments and elements, identified as facts that make sense, along with perspectives lacking the elements to sustain the theory; it does not make them less true or right.


Nothing can be fully understood from the perspective of just one field of knowledge. This might be the source of so much controversies. Lets go back to the teaching of Sakyamuni on how to describe an Elephant.



At AQUOZEN+  we do not claim that drinking alkaline water will cure all diseases, but it is part of a wider healthy lifestyle. I love a good steak balanced with nice aragula salad, olive oil and lemon. Should I drink only alkaline water? of course not! A glass of good red wine is a much better match for my sirloin.

Life experience is not only about "cold facts", but about how we experience and interact with reality. Is the representation of a reality as real as the actual reality? Can we even experience reality outside of our representations of this reality? This is a sociology and philosophy debate. What's sure about it, is that emotions and mental representations are playing a major part in our health and how we experience the feeling or reality of being healthy.

At AQUOZEN+ we like our water naturally ionised, alkaline, smooth and soft. We enjoy the experience of a water full of life energy that taste good.


What is it good for?

Ionised alkaline water has a much smoother taste and because the water tastes better, we tend to drink more, which is obviously a great healthy habit. As soon as we start to realise how amazing water is, we start to appreciate it better and we realise how valuable water is.



Ionised alkaline water makes better coffee (not a healthy habit, I know) , much tastier teas and herbal infusion. It's also a fantastic base to create detox juices and water-fruits infusions. I asked once what was the most important ingredient to make a great beer? The answer was water! Tasty water that is. Cooking follows the same logic. No good cooking without a tasty water.  Ionised water brings more oxygen to the table because it can stabilise free radicals.



The most precious commodity on Earth

In the last 100 years, developed countries have lost the notion of water scarcity. Step by step, drinking water from the tap has become a normal habit. Water was provided with no shortage at low price and was considered just as a low level commodity, something we could use and abuse with no consequence. "Developing countries" have never had this luxury and drinking water has always been a daily problem.
Truth is that water is the most precious commodity on Earth and it will continue to be a growing concern in the years to come.
If you are reading these lines, it means that you are a step ahead of most people; you are aware and awaken.

Kinda remind me of the Matrix.







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